PI Toolbox


Resources for Principal Investigators

This guide is intended to assist New England UTC Principal Investigators (PIs) with the expectations associated with their funding award.

Awards are made only after a rigorous peer-reviewed proposal selection process to ensure that the best projects that fit well with the New England UTC theme and USDOT priorities are funded. PIs are obligated to comply with all grant requirements and should take the grant obligations seriously since successful adherence to budget, schedule, and project requirements will be used as review criteria for future proposals submitted. The requirements are also intended to ensure the integrity of the project throughout the life of the grant.

Projects must show significant progress during the grant, demonstrate relevant outcomes, and further the New England UTC’s theme. Activities should result in an increase in collaboration and greater participation of faculty and students representing a multitude of disciplines. Research and education projects will culminate in the development of a Final Report that will synthesize the results of the effort. Results should also be disseminated via journal publications and presentations at recognized conferences.

View and download the complete PI handbook, updated as of September 2016, here.