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NE UTC Final Report Submission Procedure

UTC Principal Investigators are required to submit a Final Report for all research and education projects within two months after the project is completed. Each PI is responsible for the proper disposition of their Final Reports as stated below. Note that we have now made the process easier as the Center will handle emailing the URLs to the proper parties. PIs are required only to submit one report to the Center and mail out one on a CD.

Use the Final Report template below—which can be saved and edited—to create the report. The length should run at least 5 pages and there is no maximum length.

Final reports must give a complete description of the problem, approach, methodology, findings, conclusions, recommendations developed as a result of the project and shall completely document all data gathered, analyses performed, and results achieved.

Please note: it should cite (and link to) any outputs which are the direct, tangible products of your project such as publications, presentations, conference papers or proceedings, websites, databases, software, courses, workshops, or other resulting documentation.

If there is an extensive report already prepared, reference it in the Final Report. This should also be done for full Case Studies or any other reference document or article mentioned in the Final Report.

Each Principal Investigator must follow these steps: 

1. Submit one PDF copy via email to:

Paula Magliozzi 
New England UTC 

You must confirm in this email that you have disseminated the Final Report in step 2 below.

2. Burn one copy to a CD and label the CD:
        New England UTC
        Project Number: XXXXXX-XX
        Project Title: (fill in with a brief title)

   Mail the CD to:
        Transportation Library 
        Northwestern University 
        1970 Campus Drive 
        Evanston, IL 60208-2300

Year 25 Final Report Template