About Us


The NE UTC invests in the future of transportation to develop the next generation of transportation professionals.

Letter from the Director

Technology has been an integral part of transportation since the advent of the shoe and the wheel.


Today, the creative application of new technologies, particularly information communications technology, robotics, related computational methods and systems, and smart materials, offer novel ways to build, operate and manage the national transportation system.

The New England University Transportation Center leverages the region’s unique richness in both high-technology innovation and transportation expertise to conduct research activities under three integrated technology themes — ubiquitous intelligence, big data, and user performance —and their application to the advancement of USDOT’s strategic goals and research priorities with a focus on safety and economically competitive, yet livable communities.

Through research and education projects across five universities, the New England University Transportation Center sponsors investigation into the national transportation system utilizing cutting-edge technology and pioneer methodologies. Our research remains relevant to institutional, political and corporate stakeholders, as we continue to lead the region in advancement of transportation innovation.

Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D.
New England Center Director & Policy Committee Chair, MIT